The 3 surprising SECRETS to getting invited to interviews at McKinsey, BCG, Bain
(even if you were rejected before)

10-year insider REVEALS the SECRETS that give you an unfair advantage  
when applying to McKinsey, BCG, Bain

In this highly unusual Webinar, I will show you the 3 SECRETS

SECRET #1: Reverse the hunt:Having the firms ASK YOU to apply is easier than you think
How to build self-confidence, become an unstoppable networker, approach the firms with absolute confidence 

SECRET #2: Be impressive: You can tell every life's story in a way that gets recruiters excited
How to confidently communicate an amazing story about yourself, even if your life’s path is not super straight

SECRET #3: Tick the right boxes: There are hidden questions that you need to answer in a CV
How to directly speak to the mind of a CV screener and get him to immediately invite you
Mag. Moritz Gruber, LL.M.
  • 10 years at McKinsey
  • ​One of the few people in the world who got hired twice by McKinsey
  • Host of most popular podcast on getting into McKinsey, BCG, Bain (>150.000 downloads)
  • ​10 years as CEO + Entrepreneur
  • ​Graduated Top 1% of my class, passed the NY bar exam
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In this highly unusual Webinar,
I will show you the 3 SECRETS

  • Secret# 1:
    “Positioning yourself as a top candidate is easier than you think"
    How to loose all fear, approach the firms with absolute confidence and talk to recruiters on eye-level
  • ​Secret#2:
    “There is a replicable syntax to write a CV that fits the selection criteria”
    How to discover your story of amazingness and confidently communicate it, even if your life’s path is not super straight
  • Secret#3:
    “Once you know the hidden questions in the case interview it becomes easy (Hint: it is not about solving cases)”
    How to deliver an astounding performance that address the questions that are on the mind of the interviewer

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